Pocket Goozex
Manage your Goozex.com trading account from your Android phone.
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Setup Instructions:
In order to use Pocket Goozex, you're going to have to set your preferences first. We're going to assume you already have a Goozex account. If you don't, get one now!

Goozex uses a token code to allow outside apps to access your data. In order to view this code, login to your account and click on the "My Account" link up top. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a long string of numbers and letters. This is your token code.

On the initial screen of Pocket Goozex, press the menu key and choose preferences. You must enter that string into the token code input and your username into the username input.

To make this easier...

Use the Internet..
Go to the Goozex website and copy your token to the clipboard.

Visit http://qrcode.kaywa.com, click the radio button for "Text" and paste your token into the box.

Click generate, then use Barcode Scanner on your phone to scan and copy the text. You can now paste it into the preferences screen of Pocket Goozex.

Use your PC..
NEW! (v1.1+) Create a file on your SD card called "pocketgoozex.txt". Paste your token code from the Goozex site into this file, and save it/unmount your phone.

Now, load the app and visit the preference screen.. your token will be imported automatically.

Enter Token Without a PC..
This is now the hardest method for importing your Goozex token. Consider choosing one of the 2 methods above.
Visit the Goozex account page from your phone. If you try to view your requests or offers from within Pocket Goozex, you will be presented with a 1-click link to it. You may need to login once the page loads.

Now, scroll down to where the token code is displayed, and hit Menu on your phone. Then choose More.. from the on-screen menu and then Select Text.

At this point, simply swipe your finger across the Token Code to copy the text, then return to Pocket Goozex and long press the Token Code input to paste the value.
  • Review your offers and requests
  • Get detailed game information including community ratings and trade info
  • Visual Themes
  • Easy searching - by barcode scan or keywords
  • Convert Goozex point values to USD
  • Automatic comparison shopping - save money by buying the games you want cheap or flipping them on Goozex!


    View Your Personal Queues:
    To view your personal queues, just click either "My Offers" or "My Requests" after you set up the app as described in the left column of this page.

    Game Search
    After clicking "Search Games" on the main screen, you can perform either a text search or a barcode search.

  • Searches are subject to Goozex availability and search capability. Additionally, the Goozex API currently allows only the top 20 matches to be returned.
  • In order to search by barcode, you will need the Barcode Scanner app installed. It is available for free on the Android Market.

    Comparison Shopping
    After the app retrieves a game's Goozex data, it will attempt to reach out and find the best pricing across the web. This can help you save even more money on a game, or to determine whether a game you found in a store would be a good candidate to flip on Goozex.

    This can help save you lots of money by investing in more profitable trades!

    (Currently Supports: Amazon.com - others coming with future updates)

    Game Actions
    After the app retrieves a game's Goozex data, there are several options you can access by pressing the Menu key on your phone. You will be able to:
  • Open the title's actual Goozex page (via browser)
  • Add the title to your request queue (via browser)
  • Add the title to your offers queue (via browser)
  • Email game data - Sends a game's full information to yourself to review later or to a friend to tell them about a great deal you found on a game.


  • 1.6.3 - Support for new retro game categories
  • 1.6.1 - Better support for searches and logins containing non-alphanumeric characters
  • 1.6 - bad upload, please update to 1.6.1
  • 1.5.1 - Options to turn off box art in lists(faster loading), and to color code your personal queues
  • 1.5 - New main categories, limit keyword search by platform
  • 1.1 - Token import from sdcard/pocketgoozex.txt , improved readability for charcoal theme
  • 1.01 - Removed extraneous permissions
  • 1.0 - Initial Release